Andy Jones

United States

Andy Jones


"Mr Jones, have you ever used your talent to impress girls at the swimming pool?" – "Tried and failed, turns out in the end they always want you to talk to them." The deadpan American could clearly have worked as a comedian if his cliff diving career hadn't turned out so successful.

Coming out ahead at the 2016 showdown, California-based Jones utilised his Cirque du Soleil background in the World Series' first-ever night time event to show his best diving and topped his most successful season with a first place from the 27m-platform. The 11th athlete to ever win a competition completed the overall podium behind Gary Hunt and Jonathan Paredes, promoting him to one of the favourites for the 2017 season. "I know everyone is going to come out swinging and my goal is to keep up with them,' - maybe a bit over-modest of the 32-year-old, who combines his height and free-running passion to produce a unique diving style.

The autodidact film producer is the creative mind of USA Cliff Diving, who're aiming at raising awareness for their sport through a candid approach to documenting their experiences. Together with his fellow Americans David Colturi, Steven LoBue and Kyle Mitrione, he gives an insight into the lifestyles of a cliff diver.