David Colturi

United States

David Colturi


"I am scared of the potential consequences of a cliff dive gone wrong," David Colturi says, "almost as much as having to hold a 9 to 5 office job." For an office, the 28-year-old favors the 27m-platform some eight stories above the water, no matter what time of the day. For the way down, he prefers twists to somersaults and in the past years has pushed his way up the rankings to become the youngest diver to appear in a full World Series in 2012, the youngest diver to finish on the podium and the youngest diver to win an event.

"I've proved I can dive with the best, now I need to do it every time," the L.A. based diver explains his goal for 2017, having the overall results in the back of his mind. After 4 times as 5th overall and a 2016 season to forget – apart from the perfect send off in his farewell appearance and third place in Mostar before shoulder surgery last October - the World Series' sunny boy aims higher for this year.

The former medical student was back on the 10m-board in early February and might still add a few more successful cliff diving seasons before he ultimately returns to the books to become a doctor.