Andy Jones

United States

Andy Jones


From A as in 'Anchorage, Alaska', where Andy Jones was born as 'Andrew Jones' to the world's most beautiful cliff diving spots, the 32-year-old's life has always been peppered with adventures around great heights - Cirque du Soleil artist, cliff diver and professional stuntman.

"All three require a tremendous amount of preparation, dedication, and focus. The other common denominator is danger. So, I guess you could say danger is my... nope I'm not going to say that. I think doing stunt work is really where the versatility comes in handy. However, staying physically fit and active is a huge benefit and necessary for all."

Utah followed Alaska, and then came Nevada; now the master of aerial awareness resides in California. Since childhood the autodidact film producer could never keep his feet on the ground for more than a few moments. The enthusiasm to jump from somewhere is still unbound, only the living room has been exchanged for the 27m platform.

Jones' diving style is recognizable from far as he combines his height and free-running passion to produce a unique form in the air.