Kris Kolanus


Kris Kolanus

The 31-year-old is the first athlete in the history of the World Series who returned as a permanent diver after being forced into wildcard status for the previous two seasons in 2017. The Pole again and again has proven he is capable of mixing it with the world's best cliff divers and set up ambitious goals in 2017 for the next few years: "This season I want to make it on the podium a few times and prepare myself to being able to win the whole Series in 2018."

Although he failed to achieve a podium placement last year there is still a whole season left to win in 2018.

Kris himself grew from a promising background -a diving-coach as a father and an acrobat as a mother. Now the world awaits the next generation of top athletes with great curiosity, since Kris and fellow cliff diver Anna Bader have just started a family of their own.

A jack-of-all-trades, Kris and his girlfriend launched their own company MAD HOPPERS, which specializes in unique freestyle events and performance clothing with a strong focus on High Diving just recently.