Steven LoBue

United States

Steven LoBue


At 1.61m/5.3in Steven LoBue is the shortest man on tour, but the natural gymnast is a man of many labels: he has established himself as the World Series' 'turbo spinner' – he's the only man who does five somersaults in less than three seconds. He's the 'miracle man' from La Rochelle, when he hit the platform at take-off with his forehead and came out with only a scratch. The diving coach is a loving husband and father, and never short of a smile.

In 2017 LoBue accomplished two 2nd places in addition to his FINA World Championships title from the same year. No doubt that a strong start into the 2018 season is highly expected.

With 3 victories to his name in the World Series, the native of New Jersey – together with reigning champion Jonathan Paredes – is on the heels of the sport's big three.

If you want to beat this versatile sportsman – snowboarding and skateboarding are high up on the proficiency level – in a discipline one day, here's your chance: "Table tennis is pretty high on the list of things I suck at."