The Amazon Dive by Orlando Duque

Orlando Duque diving in the Amazon
The cliff diving champion has been in South America for a plunge into the Amazon River.

Orlando Duque spent 10 days this month exploring the Amazon jungle, searching and diving off high natural platforms: giant Ceiba trees in the Colombian, Peruvian, and Brazilian jungle. Press 'play' on the video above to see how the adventure unfolded.

In Leticia, the 'capital of the Amazon', the Colombian, along with a documenting team and climbers, and his diving partner and close friend Eber Pava started the journey through the jungle. The indigenous community of Palmari assisted Orlando in finding the perfect tree to dive from on the border of Peru and Brazil; the chosen specimen a 38-metre-high Caucho that's over one hundred years old.

The journey then took Duque to another indigenous tribe on the border of Colombia, Peru, and Brazil, where the tribe taught Orlando how to climb the trees they have been ascending for generations, while Orlando showed the locals how to dive off them!

"Getting away from the city and having time to share with indigenous people their tradition, wisdom and explore places that probably have never been discovered was an amazing experience. Also to navigate rivers among these three countries and being disconnected from daily life for a few days was very nice," said the 39-year-old.

Duque, the winner of the first Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in 2009, will return to Brazil for the last stop of this year's World Series in Niterói, in Rio de Janeiro, on October 19.