Cesilie Carlton


Cesilie Carlton


"My goal for the new season is to perfect the dives I'm doing, and be consistent from start to finish," says San Antonio's Cesilie Carlton. Although she said this prior to last season, the theme is still fresh and valid for 2017. An ambitious perfectionist, Cesilie was stuck in 3rd place overall in 2015 as well as in 2016. That definitely has to change and so the Texan combines job and her practice routine working together with her husband at the Harmony of the Seas, a cruise ship, as – guess what – a high diver and thrills her fans with videos from these sessions on social media.

After becoming the first wildcard diver to win a competition (the off-the-cliff meet on the Portuguese Azores in 2015) the 36-year-old has big plans for the new season. After winning the inaugural world championship title for high divers in 2013 – following FINA's inclusion of high diving as a professional sport in 2012 – the physically super fit athlete is part of the Women's World Series since its debut season in 2014