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Athlete info

Jonathan Paredes
Date of Birth:
Resides in:
Mexico City

"Become the champion." The simple but ambitious statement made by Jonathan Paredes just a couple of years ago sums up the mentality of the Mexican diver pretty well. Looking at his 2016 results – victory at the season opener, four 3rd placed finishes and overall runner-up to champion Gary Hunt, Paredes' determination was beyond doubt. Finally - as a man of his word and after introducing a new dive - he took the crown in 2017 and became the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series champion.

Ripping his entries is definitely one of the Mexican's most outstanding talents and once he mastered his forward 4 somersaults with 1 ½ twists piked his rising tendency was unstoppable.

The most graceful athlete in the air, and the one whose feet are always immaculately pointed is at the same time the man with the biggest smile on tour.

One of the most technically proficient divers in cliff diving, he has the sport's legend to his side as a mentor and coach: "Orlando Duque is a huge inspiration for me." Together with the legendary Colombian, Jonathan accomplished his highest cliff dive to date at Victoria Falls: 30m or 10-storeys into a waterfall – the craziest thing he says, he's done so far.

Career Highlights

• 2017 - Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Champion
• 2016 - 2nd FINA High Diving World Cup
• 2015 - 1st Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in Mostar (BIH)
• 2015 - 2nd FINA High Diving World Championship
• 2015 & 2013 - winner qualification competition Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series
• 2014 - 2nd Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in Havana (CUB)
• 2011 - 5th Real Diving Acapulco, Mexico

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series ranking

2017 - 1st overall
2016 - 2nd overall
2015 - 3rd overall
2014 - 6th overall
2013 - 4th overall