Wildcards - Women

Jaki Valente

At each stop during the 2019 season, the six permanent female divers will be joined by two wildcard divers. Although different wildcards will compete at different events, and some will appear more than others, they can each earn points and ranking in exactly the same way as the permanent athletes.

Anna Bader (Germany)


Anna Bader competed as a permanent diver in 2018, but injuries were to blame for her lack of form and the German is once again a wildcard in 2019.

Genevieve Bradley (USA)


2019 will be the first season America's Genevieve Bradley gets to show her talent from 21m in the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series..

Meili Carpenter (USA)


The 2019 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series is the first year Meili Carpenter will be invited as a wildcard. The 31-year-old will support a strong US team. .

Katy Etterman (USA)


For a long time, the shyly smiling tender athlete from Minnesota has admired the World Series athletes from afar, never considering the idea of becoming one herself. A performer in 'The House of Dancing Water' show in Macau, the slowly moving dream turned reality in Mostar in 2018.

Celia Fernández (Spain)


A very bubbly character, Madrid born Celia is the most senior addition to the World Series cast, but considers herself a childish character, who enjoys playing all kinds of kids' games whenever her job as an engineer allows her. The former gymnast is the first Spanish athlete to take part in the women's category

Aimee Harrison (Canada)


The 2019 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series is the first year Aimee Harrison will be invited as a wildcard. The 25-year-old is the second female athlete from Canada.

Ginger Huber (USA)


After competing as a permanent diver during every season since the women's World Series began, Ginger Huber was unable to hold onto her status in 2018 and will this season appear as a wildcard.

Xantheia Pennisi (Australia)


The Brisbane born and bread is the female young gun in this group of new wildcards. At 20, her sportive career has already taken a few turns from gymnast to traditional diving, but it was cliff diving that sparked something in her. A show in Australia, together with Rhiannan Iffland was the beginning of it all. From 10m to 15m and 17m in 2017 and the first 20m dive last June.

Iris Schmidbauer (Germany)


The second German athlete besides Anna Bader will once again have the chance to display her skills from the 21m platform in 2019.

Maria Paula Quintero Torres (Colombia)


The youngest ever diver to appear in a World Series competition comes from Cali, Colombia, where she trains with Orlando Duque and her stepfather Miguel Garcia.

Irlanda Valdez (Mexico)


With one event to her name to date, the lively Mexican will get another chance from the 21m platform in Italy this season

Jaki Valente (Brazil)


Having a gymnastics and circus background, the 33-year-old tender looking athlete fell desperately in love with the sport of cliff diving and was part of the divers line-up in the 2014 Women's World Series. Jaki Valente will once again spice up the Women's World Series as a wildcard.

Antonina Vyshyvanova (Ukraine)


In 2018 China based Antonina followed her father, who's participated as a wildcard in the Turkey-leg of the 2009 World Series. With three appearances last season, the daughter has already outperformed her coaching dad and with a 6th place in Switzerland, the 21-year-old has given a glimpse of her talent.