Artem Silchenko


Artem Silchenko


Artem Silchenko, the 2013 World Series champion, combines perfectly diving grace and strong willpower. The Russian's credo is "I will do everything to win". Never satisfied with second place, he began practicing a new dive in 2012 – adding an extra twist to his back armstand to pack in two somersaults and two and a half twists – adding to his repertoire an awesome execution with a Degree of Difficulty of 6.1, and a dive that would propel him to the World Series title in 2013.

His signature dive has a blind entry, a rarely-executed manoeuvre where the diver sees the water for the final time at least half a somersault before his entry and so lines up "blind". The proud father is also the holder of the highest score ever for a single dive in a World Series event – 183.00 points and four 10s from the judges achieved in Copenhagen in 2013.

If 2014 was an injury-plagued season for Artem Silchenko – after a rollercoaster ride, he finished the season strongly with victory in Bilbao and a second place in Yucatán, making him runner-up in the overall rankings – then 2015 was the epitome of a rollercoaster year which climaxed with a torn calf muscle during the penultimate stop. After a poor 2016 season he was forced into wildcard status for 2017, despite a win Polignano a Mare.