Gary Hunt


Gary Hunt


"I want to break barriers and do things that no one ever has done before." Gary Hunt is definitely a man of his word. He's done the unthinkable repeatedly, as well as frequently breaking his own records and statistics. He doesn't need a competitor to push his own limits, it just makes it a lot more fun for the 35-year-old.

When in the summer of 2019 Hunt finally laid his hands on the sport's Holy Grail – five straight 10s from the judges – he credited his rivals for pushing the boundaries and helping drive him to perfection: "I absolutely feel pressure. It's so much easier for me when there is a fight, when there are other divers doing well. It's more enjoyable as well. I want to be in a battle, I don't want to have it easy and so I try to use it."

A gifted piano player and skilled juggler, the Paris resident is humble, laid-back and you can have a great chat about all the world and his brother, as long as you don't get too close to any of his records.

The man who loves jumping out of windows and from balconies as a proper wake-up routine, has amassed outstanding numbers in his unrivalled career in the World Series: 8 overall titles, 39 victories, 66 podiums in 79 competitions – he has not missed a single event. Let's see what he can achieve under the French flag this season.