Alessandro De Rose


Alessandro De Rose


On the back of some strong performances in 2019, Italy's Alessandro De Rose returns to the fold after losing his spot at the end of 2018. By doing so, the 27-year-old becomes only the second ever athlete to reclaim permanent status after dropping out of the line-up.

Marrying his long-term girlfriend in the week after the final stop of 2019, was just the cherry on the ice for the passionate soul of the Southern Italian.

'Ale' first appeared in the World Series in 2013 – until today the only Italian ever to make it. An overwhelming home victory in Polignano a Mare exactly four years after his first start saw him become the first wildcard to ever win in the men's. By winning the bronze medal at the FINA high diving world championships in 2017, the ambitious hobby chef ultimately secured his spot in the world of high and cliff diving.