Blake Aldridge

Vereintes Königreich

Blake Aldridge

United Kingdom

"Never give up on your dreams. Fight, fight and fight harder and believe; eventually they will become a reality." If someone knows what this means, it's Blake Aldridge. The 36-year-old has more than 30 years of experience in the sport of diving, lived through ups and downs, transitioned successfully from an Olympic Games finalist in synchronised platform diving to the winner of two World Series events from the 27m platform.

'Blakey boy' has achieved all this with the same mentality: competitiveness, perfectionism and the mindset of a warrior, as he puts it himself. Also, outside the diving world, the Londoner holds these values. "If I enjoy it, I'll work on it to be good, no matter what it is."

A passionate fisherman, he has introduced two of the hardest dives in the sport: the back armstand dive, with four twists, and the reverse 2 somersault with 5 twists, proving he was born for this kind of sport.

"I'm still learning new dives and can't just sit back and get consistent. New dives need to be done," states the Brit, who is also quite aware of the sport's recent developments, "winning an event nowadays and just getting on the podium is a true luxury." Get ready for ambition called Blake Aldridge!