USA Cliff Diving: No Platform, No Problem!

Andy Jones
A compilation of the Americans' acrobatic adventures across the globe in 2018

For most athletes, the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series is all about getting up and down safely and competitively from the 27m-high platforms. But, for the guys of the USA Cliff Diving team, no season is complete without a series of diving adventures off the beaten tack, away from the crowds, and at some of the most wild and terrifying take-off points imaginable. In 2018, the list included ship masts, speedboats, paragliders and various rocky outcrops.

The team is comprised of David Colturi, Steven LoBue, Kyle Mitrione and of course, Andy Jones, the creative mind behind everything that these crazy cliff divers do in their downtime. 

Watch the clip above and enjoy some of the highlights from their adventures and acrobatic antics across the globe this year.

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