27 @ 27 - A Year with David Colturi

David Colturi
Episode 6 - David arrives in Colorado to undergo shoulder surgery

Episode 6 - Surgery

A podium finish in Mostar provided the perfect end to the 2016 season for David, but now it's time for the American to finally go under the knife in the hope of fixing his troublesome shoulder injury. Feeling nerves similar to those experienced when diving, the brave 27-year-old swaps the platform for the operating theatre in the final episode of the series, as the cameras follow him before, during and after the procedure.

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2016 is the biggest season in the history of Red Bull Cliff Diving, and this year one of its leading competitors and greatest characters is taking you closer to the action than ever before. In his 27th year, American David Colturi has granted us unprecedented access behind the scenes as he prepares to take on the 27-metre-high platforms around the nine stops of this tour. "27 @ 27 – A Year With David Colturi" takes us into the life of an elite athlete, and offers a unique window into the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series.

There are six episodes planned for the season, with the charismatic Colturi leading us on a gripping journey around the world as he attempts to dive into the record books and lift the coveted King Kahekili Trophy.

Episode 5 - Fighting the Good Fight

After struggling for most of the season with a troublesome shoulder injury, David decides to make Mostar his final event and undergo surgery. With Japan and Dubai now off his schedule, the brave American can throw everything into his final few dives of 2016 from Stari Most bridge in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Watch Episode 5 and see David go through a range of emotions as he calls time on his season before delivering a delightful final performance.

Episode 4 - Down Time

After four events of the 2016 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, it's now downtime for David during the four week mid-season break. It's a perfect time for the 27-year-old to reflect on his performances so far and assess his ongoing shoulder problems. He's also back home in the US following a lengthy stay in Europe, so what could be better than catching up with friends, dusting off the barbecue and even indulging in a bit of surfing. Episode 4 offers an insight into David's personal and emotional side, while the professional athlete in him takes a welcome rest.

Episode 3 - Packing the Bags

Travel is a major part of a cliff diver's life, and as well as immersing himself into different waters, Colturi loves to dive head-first into the culture of every place he visits. Being away from home for long periods can be tough, but the American appreciates his job and the fact it transports him to some of the most amazing locations on the planet. Watch Episode 3 and follow him as the 2016 World Series touches down in the Portuguese Azores and La Rochelle.

Episode 2 - A Rusty Start

The 2016 World Series is only two events old, but Colturi is already feeling the burn in his shoulder. The warrrior-like American is not one for throwing in the towel though, and with a dash of courage, some psychological coaching and a good old helping of family bonding it looks like he's ready to put the pain out of his mind and continue the fight for glory. Watch Episode 2 and follow his progress from Texas to Denmark.

Episode 1 - I Am a Cliff Diver

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series is only six weeks away and, after finishing last season with a serious shoulder injury, Colturi is starting to train again. With plenty of passion and determination, the 27-year-old is working on his fitness and his diving skills - and for the first time in seven months, he will start twisting again, using the 10-metre platform to find his rhythm. How will it feel stepping up on the platform again, and will his shoulder cope with the impact? Watch Episode 1 and find out.