Play the 2017 Red Bull Cliff Diving Game

Red Bull Cliff Diving Game
Choose your diver and leap for glory at all six season stops

Your toes are on the very edge of the platform almost eight stories above the water, your heart races, your muscles are tight and ready, and it's time to dive – experience the excitement and adrenaline rush of a cliff dive even before the athletes of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. While they are getting ready for their acrobatic up to 27m-leaps during the season opener in Ireland on June 24, the digital world is ready to take off as the World Series re-launches the official Red Bull Cliff Diving Game via

Wherever you are, whatever device you're using, it's time to take your pick from any of the 2017 World Series locations and divers and attempt to leap up the global rankings.

Unlike the real world, where physical control and mental strength, an extremely high level of concentration and technical expertise is mandatory for every cliff diver to compete on the highest level, the game allows you to be one of these daring athletes without getting wet, but still with all the excitement of extreme competition, as you try to nail a high score and climb up the leaderboard.

Would you rather choose 6-time World Series Champion Gary Hunt or last season's wildcard surprise in the women's competition, Rhiannan Iffland? Pick your preferred diving avatar from the real 2017 male and female athlete line-up to compete for the title. The game brings you to all 2017 World Series diving venues, from the Irish wilderness on Inis Mór to the original surroundings of Lago Ranco (CHI). You can now fight it out with your friends and competitors to reach the top of your country or even the world leaderboard.

How it works? The game challenges you to first tab the screen and hit the sweet spot on the swinging meter. This draws your diving line. The better you already score here, the higher your score for this dive will be. In a second step you perform the first of four dives. The challenge here is to hit the bull's eye – the closer your diver is to the diver in the circles, the higher your score. In each round, the degree of difficulty (DD) of your dive increases to collect even more points on your most difficult dives. You can then save your high score to the leaderboard and challenge your friends world wide to beat it.

Clean the screen of your device, warm up your fingers, focus and get ready for the new Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series season: all six locations will be unlocked on Tuesday, May 2, on

Seven weeks after the digital kick-off, the first stop of the 2017 World Series with 22 male and female athletes will be hosted at Inis Mór, Ireland. The competition can be watched live on, Red Bull TV and Facebook.