Andy Jones

United States

Andy Jones


When asked to describe himself in three words, Andy Jones doesn't think long: Sarcastic, clever, genuine. Those who know him from daily life, fully agree.

When asked for his sports background, the Alaska-born lists baseball, acrobatics and freestyle skiing as his major drivers. Those who've been on the tracks and fields with him, nod in admiration.

This man's got talent in so many fields, that it doesn't surprise he's pursued careers as an acrobatic performer in Cirque du Soleil, delved into stunt performing and is an established character in the sport of cliff diving. Ever since his debut victory during the first-ever night event in Dubai, the 'master of aerial awareness' earned the respect from all his competitors.

Over the past few years, the tall ginger-haired athlete has taught himself the art of film-making and is the creative mind of USA Cliff Diving, who aim to raise awareness for their sport through a candid approach to documenting their experiences. Together with his fellow Americans David Colturi, Steven LoBue and Kyle Mitrione, he gives an insight into the lifestyle of a cliff diver.
A man of many talents, Jones has just begun to immerse himself in the latest project: he announced "figuring out this dad thing" his main goal for 2019.