Friends in High Places

Jonathan Paredes and Orlando Duque
Respect, support and friendship is the trademark of cliff diving's elite

With the 2017 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series only a couple of months away, the athletes will no doubt be ramping up their pre-season training and preparing to do battle from up to 27m once again. But while the stakes are high and the competition stiffer than ever, one thing we can be sure of is that the respect, support and friendship between these unbelievably skilled men and women will stay strong and true as they compete at 6 stops across the globe.

There aren't many sports out there, especially individual ones, where the top competitors enjoy such friendly and supportive rivalries with each other. Make no mistake, they are all out to win. But while their bodies may be twisting, spinning and somersaulting, there are never any flip-outs, trash talk or angry exchanges. In fact, when they get vocal it's only ever in support of their competitors as they watch on from below.

Scroll through the gallery and enjoy some of the best images from 2016 that really show the close bonds between the athletes, both during competition as well as away from the platforms.