Pure, Simple and Spellbinding

Orlando Duque
Discover what makes cliff diving such a fascinating sport

Cliff diving is the oldest extreme sport in the world, having originated back in the 18th century in Hawaii. Since then, the fascination of leaping into water from great heights has flourished over the years, ultimately leading to what is now the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, where the world's best athletes battle it out from up to 27 metres in the hope of winning the coveted King Kahekili trophy. 

It was King Kahekili himself who created the sport all those years ago on the rugged Hawaiian rocks, but what is it that continues to thrill both fans and athletes alike after all this time? Is it the beauty and finesse, the simplicity and purity, or the freedom and sensation of flying?

Watch the clip and discover what drives the divers in this most spellbinding of sports.