David Colturi

United States

David Colturi


"I am scared of the potential consequences of a cliff dive gone wrong," David Colturi says, "almost as much as having to hold a nine to five office job." When in the summer of 2018, the American embarked on a special dive from a paraglider, nothing looked wrong at first sight, but ever since then, the California resident signs his emails with 'spleenless' Dave.

In his second comeback season after a serious shoulder injury forced him to withdraw in 2016, the World Series' diligent sunny boy dedicated his focus on a successful comeback in 2019 just to finish on the podium twice and remind everyone of why he's never to be ruled out for a top spot.

Comes 2020 and an off season in which the youngest diver ever to win an event back in 2013 can fully commit to physical and mental preparation, the 30-year-old will be among the fittest on tour and definitely to be counted in for championship contention.
Should the cliff diving career not turn out as L.A.-based Colturi imagines it, the World Series can still hope to hire him as part of the medical team once he finished his medicine studies.