Cliff Diving Diaries

Gary Hunt with the winner's trophy in Wales
It's all to play for in the World Series... may the best man win!

Gary Hunt reflects on a thrilling final-day battle in Wales and a three-man synchro dive with fellow Brits Blake Aldridge and Mat Cowen.

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series was back in Great Britain last weekend and it was a great competition. After constant rain showers on the first day of competition and training the sun came out for the final day on Saturday. I had been looking forward to this competition ever since I saw the stop on the calendar. GB was the only country to have a full team of divers and we were determined to put on a good show.
I was happy to have started the competition with a solid first-round dive but the required dives were again to pose a problem for me. With Orlando Duque and Artem Silchenko averaging 9s from the judges, I knew that, with only getting 7s, I had some catching up to do. Artem dived before me and I heard that his blind armstand dive went well. At that point I knew that the only way I could beat him was if I dived flawlessly.
I was definitely up for the challenge and having the home crowd cheering me on really helped. I think my difficult dives were the best that they have been all season but as I had some points to catch up it was a nerve-wracking moment in the hot tub waiting to watch Artem's last dive.
It was a very important win for me as Artem would have taken the lead had he beaten me. To finish off a great event, Blake Aldridge, Mat Cowen and I performed a three-man synchro dive from the platform which has never been done before.
It's going to be hard to top that feeling of winning in front of a home crowd but it will be a nice change going from the cold waters of Wales, to Brazil and then to Thailand. It's all to play for as the World Series comes to an end. May the best man win!