At Home with Andy Jones

Andy Jones
Handy Andy is utilising those creative skills to remain as busy as ever

When it comes to creative minds, there aren't too many out there like Andy Jones. The multi-talented American, who lists stuntwork, baseball, freestyle skiing and filmmaking among his many strengths, prides himself on pushing the boundaries in all areas of life. So, while many of us have slipped into neutral during these strange times, the 35-year-old has unsurprisingly been keeping himself as busy as ever. 

We caught up with the 'master of aerial awareness' recently to find out how life is treating him at home in California.

How has the cancellation of the 2020 season and the restrictions on normal life affected you?

We are hanging in there. Trying to stay busy. Kayla is taking care of that for the most part. My life might seem pretty boring from an outside perspective, but I am enjoying spending time with my family and watching my daughter learn new things. My training life isn't much different than it was before, living room workouts for the most part. The past couple years I haven't done much pool training outside the Cliff Diving season.

In the off season my focus switches to stunt work, but the TV/Film industry shut down over 2 months ago so I have been finding other ways to occupy my time. We just bought a house which, of course, brings an endless to-do list. After we moved all of our stuff, without a moving truck, we installed all the appliances. There were lots of unexpected bumps in the road so it ended up taking quite a bit longer than we expected.

Then I moved out to the yard. Really it started with the stump. I decided to take a tree stump out of the backyard, and that led to laying patio pavers. Next I built a shed. For most of this I recruited Dave (Colturi) to help.

It started with a stump...

Kayla of course has gotten crazy fast and requires full attention.

Now a friend of mine has recruited me to help with some of his projects. We have begun construction on his daughter's playhouse. It is 2 stories and will have a slide.

Handy Andy's skills know no bounds.

What effect will the long break from diving/pool training have on you?

Most of us (cliff divers) go at least a few months without diving from 27 meters every year, sometimes longer. This season there is the added obstacle of no pool training in the off season, which is going to force the divers to get creative. Coincidentally, Dave and I are in the process of procuring some panel mats and a crash pad to work take-off drills.

What does a typical day look like for you in these times?

On a typical day I get up around 8 and make some breakfast and a cup of coffee. Kayla usually gets up right after my first sip. Then we start figuring out what SHE wants for breakfast and make a big mess in the kitchen for about an hour. Then if I don't have a project for the day, we'll do some kind of activity usually involving water in the backyard. Then lunch for Kayla and she takes a 2-hour nap. At this point we try to get as much done as possible before she wakes up. Office work, house projects, cleaning, living room workout, dinner plans, etc.

Around 4pm it seems like everyone in the neighborhood goes for a walk to get some air. Sometimes we sit on the porch and wave to everyone as they go by. Next is dinner/huge mess for Kayla and dinner for us. Lots of Facetime or Zoom calls with relatives and friends. Then some crazy play time with the kiddo before we put her to sleep. Once she is asleep, we sort through Netflix or Amazon to find something we haven't seen.

Social distancing has been really tough, but we try to mix things up as much as we can while making sure to stay safe. As difficult as this has been, I have really enjoyed spending time with my family. This could be the most consecutive family time we will get in our lifetime. I hope the rest of the world is enjoying it as much as we are. Or at least making the most of it.