Playtime for Paredes at Ibiza Rocks

Jonathan Paredes
No parties, but plenty of pure cliff diving from the Mexican 'stylemaster'

Think of Ibiza and what springs to mind? Clubbing, parties, and dancing until the sun comes up are the popular images stirred up by this hedonistic Spanish island. But, with partying on pause this year, Mexican cliff diver and Madrid resident, Jonathan Paredes, ventured off his adopted mainland recently to put his own unique spin on the idea of 'revelling at the Ibiza rocks'.

Having been invited by Cliff Diving Ibiza to take part in a video raising awareness of the sport and its safety protocols, Paredes and Spanish diver Celia Fernandez spent some time travelling around the island, scoping out a few of the most awesome and pure spots from which to display their skills. 

From Sant Antoni de Portmany and Sa Figuera Borda in the west, up to Cala Benirrás in the north, then onto to Cala Llonga in the east, it was an experience that Paredes had been waiting a long time for:

"It just felt great," said the 31-year-old. "I spent such a long time without cliff diving and going through all these emotions. Finally I was able to do something familiar. Super happy to have my feet launch from actual rocks again and the adventure was even better than expected."

Fernandez leaps from a rock known as 'Hand of God' in Cala Benirrás. Photo: Alex Villanueva/Jinxo Films.

"Celia and I dove from a lot of different places," added the Mexican. "My highest dive was 24/25m and I'm super happy for that. It went pretty well!"

Fernandez, who has made five World Series appearances as a wildcard, was also delighted to be back in action:

"My favourite place was Cala Benirrás," revelaed the Spaniard, who turns 32 this week. "The rock in the middle of the water there was amazing, and I dove from 18m. It felt super nice to be cliff diving again. There are so many beautiful places to dive on the island, and we probably only discovered about 10% of them. I think I found a place I will go more often.

"After the summer of lockdown it was also just so nice to be walking around Ibiza, watching the beautiful sunsets, eating ice cream and feeling free."

Paredes back doing what he loves best in Sa Figuera Borda. Photo: Juan Carlos Gutierrez/Jinxo Films.

Cliff Diving Ibiza offer cliff diving classes to visitors and locals during the summer months, helping out anyone who wants to give the sport a try, and Paredes was happy to play a part in their informational video:

"Celia and I were invited by Cliff Diving Ibiza to create a video to raise awareness for the sport of cliff diving and the risks that come with it." said the 2017 World Series champion. "The video explains that you have to be careful all times, and that checking the height and the depth of the water before each single dive is fundamental. So, a very important piece of information for people who want to try cliff diving."

The cliff diving pair were happy to give a few helpful pointers to those interested in trying out the sport. Photo: Juan Carlos Gutierrez/Jinxo Films.


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