Consistency vs Complexity

Alessandro De Rose
Athletes discuss the age-old question as season wraps up in Spain

For many years now, the world's best cliff divers have been asked the question: what's more important, complexity or consistency? Is it better to keep the dives simple and execute them well, or to ramp up the degree of difficulty at the risk of lower quality? In a way, it's all relative to the diver being questioned. For instance, Gary Hunt has won 8 World Series titles thanks to his higher DD dive list. But not many divers possess the same technical ability as the Brit. On the other hand, Andy 'Mr Consistent' Jones has just wrapped up another overalll podium finish courtesy of his unwavering ability to nail a medium difficulty dive list time and time again.

So, what's more important? Well, each athlete has their own answer, and in the clip above a selection of the world's best cliff divers offer their thoughts on the age-old question of complexity or consistency.

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