Exciting Competition Format Changes in 2018

Anna Bader
14 men and 10 women will now compete in all four rounds this season

For the 2018 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, there are some new and exciting competition format changes being implemented which will see more athletes, more diving and no doubt more drama.

Two more women

After previously having eight women competing at each stop, the decision has been made to increase the total by two athletes up to ten. There will still be six permanent women at each stop, but they will now be joined by up to four wildcards. And with the quality of the competition growing every year - Anna Bader and Yana Nestsiarava were promoted from wildcard to permanent diver for 2018 - that can only mean more excitement and drama in the women's.

There will be two extra female wildcards at each stop this season. Photo: Dean Treml/Red Bull Content Pool.

Everyone dives in the final

After many years of six men missing out on the fourth and final round if they failed to make it into the top eight after round three, the format has now been changed to ensure that all divers, men and women, now compete in each and every round. Not only does that mean fans will now be treated to 96 dives over the course of two days, but if athletes don't quite perform to their best in the early rounds they will still have a chance to make up significant ground with their final dive. And after last season's finale in Chile, where Jonathan Paredes powered past Gary Hunt after they both posted vastly differing scores with their last dive, it proves that anything can happen given the chance to compete in that final round.

More dives, more drama. All 14 men and 10 women will now compete in each and every round. 
More rounds means more points for everyone - here's how they are awarded.

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