Training reaction

Artem Silchenko during training in La Rochelle
Read what the divers had to say after the first training session at the Tour Saint-Nicolas on Friday...

Read what the divers had to say after the first training session at the Tour Saint-Nicolas...

David Colturi (USA)
"We kind of lucked out today with the sunshine which feels good and the wind is really not too bad which is uncharacteristic for La Rochelle. It's great to be back here and it's certainly a special environment to have the second stop of the World Series. It's wind, it's water and it's cold, but it's a challenge I feel confident I'll overcome. Every location has its own unique challenges, probably the biggest challenge here is keeping warm as you wait in line at the top. You don't want to be walking out on the platform all locked up."

Gary Hunt (UK)
"I've been living in France for five years and it's great to be back here and I've got my fingers crossed for a good day. Training today didn't feel like the usual La Rochelle. We've got sunshine and not too much wind. You kind of build it up to be something massive, but so far so good. You can feel the wind at the top, but nothing like in previous years. If it can stay this way for the competition then I'm really looking forward to it."

Orlando Duque (COL)
"The weather here is tough. It's not been kind to us in the past, but it's looking much better this year. It's such a great event because of the amount of people who show up. I didn't train today because of the amount of travelling I've done recently – you need to let the body rest a little bit. It doesn't help to go up, do a dive and then do it wrong! After my win at the FINA High Diving World Cup in Cozumel, I'd love to get a win in the World Series. I've been close a few times and I think last year was the first time that I didn't win a competition in the World Series, so it'd be nice to get one of those this year."

Blake Aldridge (UK)
"I'm going to be performing a new dive in La Rochelle. It's the hardest dive in the world currently. It's a reverse double somersault with five twists. It's the most twists that have ever been done on a dive before. I learnt it last week at the FINA High Diving World Cup in Mexico. It went really well in training, but I missed it in the event and put my arm up and only scored 4/4.5 on it. If I can score 7.5s and 8s on that dive then I'll be a hard man to catch, but it's new so I can't expect too much right away. I'll be training it tomorrow and hopefully it can go well in the event and I can get on the podium. La Rochelle is the place where I first learnt to high dive from 28 metres, it's also where I made my first final and my first podium. I really enjoy this event, the occasion and the massive crowd that turns up for this event and hopefully I can return home with more happy memories."

Michal Navratil (CZE)
"I've been experiencing pain in my shoulder since Cartagena, and that caused me to miss the first stop, but I'm feeling a bit better now. I did some training today, but not from the platform. Tomorrow I hope to feel strong enough to train from 27 metres before competing."