Fighting the Elements in Windy Wales

Gary Hunt
It's a mental and physical challenge to be ready for anything

In cliff diving there are many variables that can affect an athlete's performance, but perhaps the most difficult challenge can often be the one presented by nature itself - the weather. Over the course of nine events in the 2016 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, the world's best divers know that it's impossible to expect each stop to deliver warm, glorious sunshine and perfect conditions. So, they have to be ready both physically and mentally for whatever the weather may throw at them.

Watch the clip and see the divers reveal how they fight the elements on a windy day in Wales.

Watch the Replay

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Note that the replay is geo-blocked in the US due to an exclusive broadcast deal with FOX Sports. The event will air on FS1 at 10.30 am (ET) on October 09.