Cliff Divers Hit the Road for a Good Cause

Athletes and crew joined in the Wings For Life World Run on Sunday

Last weekend, a 41-strong team of World Series cliff divers and crew laced up their running shoes and took to the streets for a very special cause - the Wings for Life World Run - a global effort that takes place annually to raise money for research into spinal cord injury.

With sporting events across the world being cancelled due to the current health crisis, it was refreshing to see that such an amazing project could still go ahead; and it was all thanks to the freedom most of us still have to exercise, along with a neat little app. Runners could sign up individually or in virtual teams in the Wings for Life Run World Run app, then simply hit their local streets or trails at the global start time. 

Among the Red Bull Cliff Diving virtual team were the likes of David Colturi, Miguel Garcia, Maria Paula Quintero and Constantin Popovici (to name just a few!), aided by members of the sports and international communications team, and led by captain Rhiannan Iffland. 

Miguel and Maria made it a successful day for Colombia, achieving distances of 23.9km and 20.9km respectively. Posting on Instagram afterwards, an exhausted Miguel wrote: "I think I am gonna be sore for a month!! Nothing else to do in this confinement but run, run and run... here is my best for those who can't... thanks a lot for this beautiful opportunity... my first time but definitely not my last!!"

Click here to enjoy the full Instagram highlights story from the cliff diving team.

In total, 77,000 runners participated across the globe, helping to raise an impressive €2.8 million for research, and some of sport's biggest names were keen to express their praise for the project. Tennis world no. 3, Dominic Thiem, said it was a "great thing... for a great cause", while Lindsey Vonn, the greatest female skier of all time, said: "It's incredible that so many people have come together for the Wings for Life World Run. There's no other race like it. So many events had to be cancelled, and there's this one thing we could all do together for a good cause."

The motto of the race is "running for those who can't", and we're proud of all our team and everyone else around the world who played their part in helping this special cause,