Red Bull Cliff Diving leaps into 2014

2014 announcement
Seven stops confirmed for 2014 World Series.

From visual feasts to natural wonders, from historic sites to those of more modern origin – in its sixth season, the World Series will bridge natural venues and urban surroundings as much as it will push boundaries. The purest and rapidly evolving extreme sport will hit new as well as proven ground in the Caribbean, North and South America and Europe to determine a new champion during seven tough and testing competitions.

Havana, Texas and Bilbao are all new destinations on the 2014 calendar for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, in which 10 of the world's best cliff divers and up to four wildcards at each stop will launch from 27 metres, hitting the water at speeds of 85kph just three seconds later. Between May and October, the competition will continue in Ireland, Norway and Portugal, until the final showdown, in Brazil - another first for the athletes.

Cliff divers leap aesthetically from almost three times the Olympic height and hit the water, guided and guarded only by their concentration, skill and physical control. Since 2009, the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series has featured the biggest talents, the most promising newcomers, and since 2013 has also provided a platform for women.

After Colombia's Orlando Duque in 2009 and the three-time champion, Gary Hunt, from England, it was 29-year-old Artem Silchenko who took the 2013 crown in a red-hot final competition in Thailand last October. This coming season, the Russian and nine other top athletes will fight for the World Series title together with up to four wildcards at each stop, showcasing more gravity-defying freefall all across the globe.