Box Jump Challenge: Colturi v Jones

David Colturi and Andy Jones
American pair join athlete Colleen Fotsch for an explosive challenge

USA cliff divers David Colturi and Andy Jones joined up with athlete Colleen Fotsch to take on the box jump challenge recently, and things certainly got a little bit competitive.

For cliff divers, the ability to leap high and powerfully is crucial to gain the speed and momentum needed for their acrobatic freefalls from the 27m platform, so it was interesting to see who would come out on top between the two Americans. 

Jones certainly holds the height advantage, standing 9cm taller than his 1.73m compatriot. But could Colturi, known for his explosive twisting dives, rise to the challenge and get one over on his good friend and rival?

Watch the clip above to see who raised their game, and their feet, the highest.

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