De Rose's Training Day with Bailey Payne

Alessandro De Rose
The Italian hits the gym for a session with American pro tricker Payne

Alessandro De Rose, the only Italian athlete competing in the Red Bull Cliff World Series, is currently enjoying his first season as a permanent diver on the tour, and the 25-year-old recently spent a day training with American pro tricker Bailey Payne.

"Aerobic training is fundamental," says De Rose. "It's almost 80% of a diver's training. In the pool we just have the platform and the board, but the dive is created in the gym."

And that's where the help of Payne comes in. As one of the world's best pro trickers, the American was able to provide some useful tips to De Rose, especially in the area of building speed during dives.

Watch the clip above to enjoy some highlights from their training session.

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