Slo-Mo Flashbacks from Dark Dubai

Gary Hunt in Dubai
Breathtaking slow motion action from first-ever night event in UAE

Over the past eight seasons the world's best cliff divers have landed in some very testing locations and challenging situations. Windy cliffs, choppy ocean waters and freezing cold rivers are just a few of the challenges they have met regularly, but back in October the 2016 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series landed in Dubai for a season finale with a twist - the first ever nighttime competition.

There were inevitably a few nerves at first, and even the super-experienced Orlando Duque voiced his concerns:

"The first night dives were a little bit tricky in the beginning," said Duque. "Survival mode kicks in and I start just analysing things and you think it's not enough light and I'm not going to see anything."

But after a few training sessions in the dark the athletes began to grow more comfortable with the idea, as wildcard Rhiannan Iffland explained:

"I prepared myself mentally for it, getting my head around the fact that it was dark and we're diving at night. I think once I took off, my body just took over and knew what to do."

Iffland certainly did know what to do, grabbing another amazing victory in Dubai to seal the women's world championship title in her debut season. Joining her atop the podium for the final celebrations was Gary Hunt, who had already wrapped up his sixth title following another magnificent season.

Watch the clip and enjoy some of the best slow motion dives from an unforgettable night in the Dubai darkness.