Tourists for a Day

Keyframe Beirut 2019 Tune-In Video
D(r)ive into the Lebanese city of Byblos

Ahead of the first training session from the Raouché rocks, Colombia's Orlando Duque and Rhiannan Iffland of Australia embarked on a sightseeing tour across Byblos, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. On this trip they did not only learn about Lebanese hospitality but also the typicalities that make this city such a special place.

The duo's intention was to jump in a taxi and get to their favourite diving spot via the fastest possible route. The chosen cab driver nodded when they asked if he knew the drop off place and both Iffland and Duque felt they were in experienced hands and they'd be diving in no time. Far from it!

They received the full service tour through the ancient city of Byblos including a souk visit, traditional Lebanese food as well as some bonus passengers before reaching their rocky take off spot above the Mediterranean Sea.

Flip through the gallery and watch the clip to get all the details!

Rhiannan and Orlando summon a taxi in the ancient city of Byblos to get a ride to the Cliff Diving spot


"Yes, I know the way and I take you there..."


The two visit a souk with the cab driver and get equipped with souvenirs


Shopping makes hungry!
After an adventurous day they finally made it to dive spot

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