10 Years of Red Bull Cliff Diving in Numbers

Divers in Oman
Amazing stats and records from the first decade of this fascinating sport

The 2018 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series kicks off in Texas next week, beginning what will be the 10th anniversary season of the sport. With this landmark moment approaching, it's the perfect opportunity to look back and reflect on some of the numbers, records and achievements over the last decade.

For a sport that continues to fascinate with its grand feats of acrobatic finesse and jaw-dropping skill, it's no surprise to see that the stats are just as remarkable. For example, did you know that since 2009 the World Series has travelled a total of 220,000 KM around the globe to reach its many locations? 75 stops in 25 countries to be precise, and it equates to 5.5 times around the world.

They are just a few of the interesting numbers, and there are plenty more. Watch the clip above and discover all the stunning stats from a decade of Red Bull Cliff Diving.

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