Valente Raising the Bar in Women's Competition

Jaki Valente
Brave Brazilian attempted the women's hardest dive in the world in Portugal

While Gary Hunt and Rhiannan Iffland received most of the attention for their sensational victories in the Azores back in July, there was another outstanding story that emerged from the rocky monoliths of the Portuguese archipelago that weekend. Brazil's Jaki Valente, one of the wildcards in the women's competition, wowed the fans and her fellow athletes by attempting to pull off the hardest women's dive ever.

Although Valente didn't quite manage to nail her Arm. Back 2 1/2 Somersaults 2 Twists, with a 4.1 Degree of Difficulty, it was the bravery and willingness to push the boundaries which earned the plucky Brazilian plenty of credit and respect, if not points. In only their third full season on the tour, the spectacular sight of Valente rising on her hands then pushing and spinning away from the platform proves that the women aren't scared to take risks and are constantly raising the bar.

Watch the clip as Valente relives that famous dive and reveals her thoughts and emotions following it.