David Colturi

United States

David Colturi


"I am scared of the potential consequences of a cliff dive gone wrong," David Colturi says, "almost as much as having to hold a nine to five office job." When last summer, the American embarked on a special dive from a paraglider in the lead-up to the event in Switzerland, nothing looked wrong at first sight, but ever since then, the California resident signs his emails with 'spleenless' Dave.

"Although injuries in our sport can happen every day, even after extensive preparation, it's very unfortunate it happened to me being in such fine form with podium finishes in Spain and Portugal." And so, just like two seasons earlier when he dealt with serious shoulder problems, the World Series' diligent sunny boy dedicated his focus on a successful comeback in 2019.

In his preferred office – the 27m-platform some eight stories above the water – the 29-year-old has not only pushed his way up the rankings to become the youngest diver to appear in a full World Series in 2012, the youngest diver to finish on the podium and the youngest diver to win an event, but also developed and executed one of the hardest dives in the world of cliff diving: a reverse double with five twists, degree of difficulty of 5.4. We can't wait to see you back up on top!