Steven LoBue

United States

Steven LoBue


Bilbao 2018 was Déjà Bue time! Steven LoBue spun his way to a stunning victory at the second stop in Spain, earning top spot on the podium for the first time since his win in the very same location back in 2015 to kick off a monumental season for the Florida-based American.

After no victory in 16 competitions, the 1985-born made it back-to-back wins, added two more 10s to his name, and displayed the best performance of his forward 5 somersaults with ½ twist ever to score the highest note in an optional dive – 147,90 points, record-high score for a single dive.

In the 2017 FINA world champion's most successful season ever, he came as close as never before to taking the men's King Kahekii trophy back to the USA for the first time.

At 1.61m/5.3in, 2018's overall runner-up is the shortest man on tour, but the natural gymnast is a man of many labels: he has established himself as the World Series' 'spinmaster' – he was the first man who did five somersaults in less than three seconds. He's the 'miracle man' from La Rochelle, when he hit the platform at take-off with his forehead and came out with only a scratch. The diving coach is a loving husband and father, and never short of a smile.

If you want to beat this versatile sportsman – snowboarding and skateboarding are high up on the proficiency level – in a discipline one day, here's your chance: "Table tennis is pretty high on the list of things I suck at."