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Gary Hunt
Vereintes Königreich
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Paris, France

The eagles were circling, and the news was spreading that Gary Hunt, the great and powerful, was finished. After a failed final dive lost him the title in Chile in 2017, the Brit lost faith in his famous twisting powers. But it seems rumours of Hunt's demise were greatly exaggerated, and after a tentative return to twisting earned him a first podium in Azores, the 1984-born rediscovered the magic that has brought him a record number of World Series titles to reel off four wins in a row to earn title number 7. Number 8 followed in 2019, after another sensational season in which he recorded the first-ever perfect dive - five 10s from the judges.

"I love breaking statistics. Two years ago they told me I've never won on a bridge, last year that no one has ever won twice at Stari Most. The third one is that whoever wins in Mostar has never won the title, so that one had to be broken in Polignano."
The 'brillant Brit', who recently acquired the French nationality in addition to his British one, is humble, laid-back and you can have a great chat about all the world and his brother. As long as you don't get close to any of his cliff diving records.

The man who loves jumping out windows and balconies as a proper wake-up routine, has amassed outstanding numbers and records in his unrivalled career in the World Series: 39 victories, 61 podiums in 79 competitions – he has not missed a single event.

Karriere Höhepunkte

• 7-time winner Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series
• Winner of 34 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series competitions to date
• 2019, 2018 & 2016 - Winner FINA High Diving World Cup
• 2015 - FINA High Diving World Champion
• 2006 - 3rd Commonwealth Games 10m Synchro

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series ranking

2018 -1st overall
2017 - 2nd overall
2016, 2015, 2014, 2012, 2011 & 2010 - 1st overall
2013 & 2009 - 2nd overall