Orlando's World of Diving

Orlando Duque
Datum: 05/01/2021

The podcast that takes you beyond diving into the adventurous world of body and mind, the challenges of consistently performing on top of your game and the joy of transformation and progress is now available.

Following his 20 year career as a professional cliff diver, Colombia's Orlando Duque shares the skills and life lessons he's taken from an extreme sports career into his day-to-day life. Each episode sees him joined by influential people in his career in and outside the sport. From the divers he began his journey with, to the judges, coaches and physios on the team of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, as well as other extreme sports athletes and high performers in various fields at the very top of their game.

Orlando kicks off his new career as podcast host by telling his personal journey into diving and cliff diving to making history by winning the first medal at the World Championships for Colombia.

The 45-year-old then sits down with multiple World and Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series champion Rhiannan Iffland to talk about how the sport has influenced her as a person and why achieving equality in the sport has been so fundamental.

The importance of mental resilience, especially with injury, is one of the main topics in episode 3 with Hassan Mouti, a cliff diving original and competition director of the World Series.

Finding physical and mental balance is key for Angi Passenbrunner, the 'more-than-just' physiotherapist of the world's cliff diving elite as she shares her insights to what the athletes get up to in order to relax away from the cliffs.

High diving judge Olivier Morneau-Ricard explains how a rational mind gets impressed by your self-confident performance in episode 5. Red Bull Cliff Diving's youngest judge also talks about how he separates being a judge for work, but not anywhere else in his life!

Focus is key in Constantin Popovici's life and the Romanian high diver and Olympic diver shares his approach to moving between the different disciplines of diving and being adaptable, and how the training for each can complement one another.

Great success in sport is the topic also in episode 7 when Orlando talks to one of his sporting heroes - Greg Louganis. The four-time Olympic Champion talks frankly about mental health, and how he changed his mindset to overcome his 'Post Olympic Blues'.

And coming soon...

How to handle the pressure of being the first ever teenager to finish in the top three in a high diving competition is the main topic in the conversation with Maria Paula Quintero before season one closes with high performance psychologist Cedric Dumont explaining how extreme sports have influenced ways of working in other jobs, and how periods of recovery will aid productivity.

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