Jonathan Paredes
Wohnaft in:
Mexico City

When it comes to immaculate form in the air, body alignment and rip entries, the 'style master' from Mexico City is the man to address. Throughout the World Series, the Madrid resident is envied for his technical proficiency.

As everyone knows, nothing comes from nothing, and although the Mexican school stands in the forefront internationally, for the fine tuning of his toe line, Jonathan Paredes started breaking new grounds by adding ballet to his training routine. "I was not really flexible, and ballet is all about flexibility. This workout helps me a lot with my body line and improves my muscle strength."

So, the last couple of his overall 23 tens from the judges can be attributed to the sweaty training at the barres. The record for the highest scoring required dive stands next to the Mexican's name since the last take off from the Portuguese cliffs in 2019.

This boost of confidence, plus an increase in difficulty, could be the recipe to topple the champion in 2020; the 30-year-old not only finished the previous year in the overall top 3 for the 5th time in a row, but also secured the position of the runner-up for the second time after 2016 – the year before he became champion.

Becoming the champion again is the ultimate ambition, even if this requires sacrificing his biggest weakness: desserts.

Karriere Höhepunkte

• 2019 - 2nd overall Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series
• 2019 - 3rd FINA High Diving World Championship
• 2017 - Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Champion
• 2016 - 2nd FINA High Diving World Cup
• 2015 - Winner Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in Mostar (BIH)
• 2015 - 2nd FINA High Diving World Championship
• 2015 & 2013 - winner qualification competition Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series ranking

2019 - 2nd overall
2018 - 3rd overall
2017 - 1st overall
2016 - 2nd overall
2015 - 3rd overall
2014 - 6th overall
2013 - 4th overall