14 Cliff Divers, One Old Bridge

Date: 05/08/2015

A hand selected group of 14 of the world's best cliff divers will be part of the first ever World Series competition at the 'Stari Most', the old bridge of Mostar, and the country's most recognisable landmark.

Eternalised in the city's flag and coat of arms, life in Mostar has been centred on the humpback bridge ever since its construction in the 16th century, and the tradition of the diving competitions is almost 450 years old. The bridge is, together with the surrounding Old City of Mostar, a UNESCO's World Heritage Site, and is often cited as one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. It was inaugurated with a diving exhibition in 2004, and for the first time this August will be the venue with longest diving tradition in the World Series.

31-year-old Gary Hunt might be the dominant athlete with five straight victories in the current season; but contention for the podium has been extended by two more divers in the previous stop, and cliff diving's creams of the crop are on top of their games. Mexico's rising star Jonathan Paredes and Andy Jones, the master of aerial awareness, from the US, have made a claim for a top spot in the overall standings next to Orlando Duque, the legendary Colombian, former Olympian Blake Aldridge, America's David Colturi, and the Russian heavyweight Artem Silchenko. With five spots up for grabs for automatic qualification for a 2016 season, these seven athletes will fight it out at almost three times the Olympic height.

Standings after stop 5

1. Gary Hunt | UK | 1000 pts.

2. Orlando Duque | COL | 590

2. Blake Aldridge | UK | 590

4. Jonathan Paredes | MEX | 449

5. David Colturi | USA | 430