Adventures of a Cliff Diving Couple

Eleanor Smart and Owen Weymouth
Date: 23/12/2020

In the absence of competitive cliff diving this year, American Eleanor Townsend Smart and England's Owen Weymouth have taken it upon themselves to go in search of some of the most stunning cliff diving spots in North America. Over the last few months the couple, who founded the Clean Cliffs Project, have embarked on a series of exciting diving adventures, and they've documented it all in a series of videos. Check out the episodes below and keep an eye out for more in the coming weeks.

Episode 5 - Ship Wreck Diving And Cliff Clean Up In The Atlantic

Ellie and Owen find a ship wreck in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean at Turks and Caicos Islands. They are not only there to dive, but also to clean up and continue their work with the Clean Cliffs Project, whose mission is to prevent plastic pollution in our world's bodies of water and inspire others to take action through the art of cliff diving!

Episode 4 - Crazy Cliff Diving Search In Puerto Rico

Ellie and Owen are exploring Puerto Rico on the search for the best take-off spots. On their journey they visit the hidden gems of the island and stop at incredible locations, such as San Cristobal Canyon.

Episode 3 - How To Learn Cliff Diving Like A Pro

Becoming a Red Bull Cliff Diving athlete is a big dream for many divers. But how do you actually become a professional cliff diver?

Episode 2 - The Daily Grind Of A Cliff Diving Couple

Take a peek behind the curtain and follow the cliff diving couple on their daily grind, getting creative while staying home.

Episode 1 - Chasing Waterfalls In Oregon

Join Owen and Ellie on their chase for the best take-off spot in Oregon, USA. The motto is: the more adventurous, the better!