Self-Leadership Made Easy With These 5 Tips

Cedric Dumont
Date: 02/03/2021

Adventurer and speaker Cedric Dumont lets us in on a handful of the boldest power skills we are all gifted with. In his conversation with cliff diving legend and podcast host Orlando Duque, the accomplished base jumper shares his personal experiences as an extreme sports athlete and performance psychologist to help show how to become the architect of your own life and lead a happier life.

Episode 9 is out now, and here's a little taste of the wisdom being sprinkled by Dumont in his own words:

1. Confront your emotions
Emotions like fear or anger, frustration or sorrow have a function. For me, fear is not negative or positive, it has a function. It makes me aware that I'm taking risks, that I'm onto something dangerous with high consequences, so better be focused, better be prepared. For me it's a mental workout. So what I tell people is that the more you confront your fears, the more you're taking control over your fears and the more you're not guided or controlled by fear. That for me is the very start of fulfilment and performance.

Dumont shares his experiences and provides valuable learnings as a speaker. Photo: Jelle Lapere/Red Bull Content Pool.

2. Break hindering habits and beliefs
We all have limiting beliefs. You have to break them, reset them and then you have to start with new beliefs. Also, we all have habits, and we have to be very aware of habits that are serving us, so positive habits, but we also have habits that are breaking us; and if you can change these habits and beliefs and then be fully accountable for everything you do, this is where transformation starts.

3. Become the architect of your life
As soon as you're able to confront your fears you become the architect of your life and you generate the power to become anyone you want and to achieve anything you want.

Achieve anything you want... Dumont makes the first-ever wing-suit flight witnessed by the Great Pyramids of Giza in 2015.

4. Let go and find your flow
Flow is the ultimate focus in what you do and at the same time it's letting go of everything. It's thinking without thinking. It's a state of hyper-awareness.

5) Be who you are
I have a very holistic approach. I'm no different when I'm with my family than when I'm working. I am who I am. Whether it's in my business life as a speaker, as an extreme athlete, as a friend, as a father. I'm not in boxes. The most important thing for me is to be fully aligned with who I am as a human being.

Listen to the whole conversation here:

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