Orlando Duque Blog - Part 4: A Tough Stop

Orlando Duque
Date: 11/09/2017

Hey guys,

After a tough weekend, I am now on my way to see Colombia play football against Brazil in Barranquilla. We have a young team that is improving and hopefully we will win (they earned an admirable 1-1 draw against Brazil's superstars).

Normally after a break you recover and come back better, but I had a tough weekend.

During the week I felt good, but it just wasn't working. The other guys were diving at a really high level. It was a bad competition for me, but in general everybody is doing a lot better. The break helps everybody recover from injuries.

Duque, seen here with fellow Colombians Maria Paula Quintero Torres and Miguel Garcia, missed out on a place in the final round for the first time this season in Texas. Photo: Dean Treml/Red Bull Content Pool.

We have had four different winners now in four events which is great because in previous seasons we have seen people dominate. The top five or six, anybody could have won. It shows that it is a good level of competition.

I am super happy for Blake as he has tried many different strategies. He tried changing the difficulty, but he has always been consistent when he wasn't injured. In Texas he was really on his game. Gary had the spotlight for a long time but has had issues this season like everybody, it is looking good for both of the British divers now.

Obviously every single diver was conscious this weekend about the struggles in the area in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. It is hard to have a celebration when people are struggling, but you have to move forward and help the recovery.

It was Labor Day weekend and everybody wanted to be in the water. The weather was beautiful and they had their own music blasting from their boats. We had the best view of the whole venue from the top of the platform and it was awesome watching everybody have a good time.

Duque leaps in front of thousands of passionate fans at Possum Kingdom Lake. Photo: Romina Amato/Red Bull Content Pool.

We had around one month with no competition after the World Championships in Budapest, and every now and then you get to have fun during the mid-season break.

The solar eclipse project was amazing. It takes your mind off the main competition each year and it was nice to do some freestyling:

When I am home in Colombia, my wife and I also enjoy to watch House of Cards and Homeland. We enjoy political drama. I didn't start to watch Narcos myself during the break. I grew up in that time and I lived it in real life. It was kind of a bad moment.

My wife is always at the competitions with me but she didn't come to Texas, so half of my team was missing. She won't be at the next stop in Bosnia on September 16 as it would be really tough with the paperwork but I am looking forward to having her with me in Chile though.

This year's series will go right to the end. It was pretty much decided going into Dubai last year. Everybody comes alive when it has to go to the final competition.

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