Rhiannan Iffland's Magical Rainbow Dive

Rhiannan Iffland
Date: 20/11/2018

Three-time Red Bull Cliff Diving World Champion, Rhiannan Iffland, becomes the first person in history to dive in one of the most captivating places on earth in Australia's Northern Territory. "Rainbow Dive" is a 30-minute documentary you can watch on Red Bull TV that captures Rhiannan's quest to reinvigorate her purpose and passion for diving in the heart of Australia. Watch the documentary here and read the full story below.

With close childhood friend, Emily, by her side, Rhiannan set out for the adventure of a lifetime through the Northern Territory's Kakadu and Nitmiluk National Parks, visiting the breathtaking Nitmiluk and Maguk Gorges.

It was just two girls, one 4WD, over 1000km driven, more than 15 cliff dives at heights between 17-24metres, one helicopter flight, two capsized canoes, a five metre saltwater crocodile named Brutus, sharing the gorge with multiple freshwater crocs, one game of pool with the locals at a very Aussie pub called 'The Lazy Lizard,' two encounters with 'friendly' pythons, thousands of spiders and having to check the toilet bowl for frogs before going. All the ingredients for one hell of an Aussie adventure.

Iffland and friend Emily discuss the traditions of the Jawoyn People. Photo: Andy Green/Red Bull Content Pool.

Add to that a once in a lifetime experience shared with the land's traditional owners, The Jawoyn People, including an encounter with Bolung, The Rainbow Serpent, that will leave you with goosebumps.

Bolung is an important figure in Jawoyn Dreaming, who is believed to inhabit the deep green pools found in the second Gorge. Bolung is not only an important life-giving figure, but can also act as a destroyer; so unlike other Jawoyn Dreaming that may be addressed for assistance in hunting and foraging, Bolung must not be spoken to and must be left undisturbed.

Watch out for the croc! Photo: Andy Green/Red Bull Content Pool.

In order for the Jawoyn People to appease Bolung and allow Rhiannan to dive in the Gorge, they performed a traditional Welcome to Country to give her their blessing; and what happened during the ceremony was unbelievable.

Rhiannan echoes this sentiment, "To experience the song and dance was something very special in itself, but what happened next was incredible and left us all with goosebumps; in absolute disbelief at what we had just witnessed."

In the midst of song and dance, a series of ripples start forming across the water, making its way closer to shore. As soon as it hits the beach, a gust of wind suddenly kicks up and the sand swirls around everyone like a whirlwind. It circles around the group, and once back at the water's edge, the wind completely drops and you see what looks like something shooting off under the water away from the beach.

"It was beyond words that I got to experience something so special with the Jawoyn People," said Rhiannan. "They felt connected to their ancestors and spirits, and in a way, so did we. It's something I will never forget."

It was the journey of a lifetime for the two ladies. Photo: Andy Green/Red Bull Content Pool.

From there, the adventure has only just begun. It's Rhiannan's journey off the beaten track through these untouched landscapes, and her interaction with the Jawoyn People that help her find her passion to take her diving to new heights. This documentary gives insight into Australia's "Top End" like never seen before.

A spectacular dive to top off the trip. Photo: Andy Green/Red Bull Content Pool.

"I have seen and done a lot of things around the world, but the Northern Territory and experiences we had were beyond anything I would have expected. It's one of the most amazing places I have ever been, and the fact it's in my own backyard makes it that much more special. Hope everyone enjoys the adventure as much as I did," said Rhiannan.

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