The final stage is set

The divers gather in Bilbao
Date: 25/09/2015

Watch the coronation of the 2015 champion during the 50th stop of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series on September 26 in Spain, live on Red Bull TV.

The 27.5m platform on top of Bilbao's La Salve Bridge is the take-off strip for the year's last aesthetic free falls and the place to crown the 'brilliant Brit' Gary Hunt champion for the 5th time in seven years. With the Guggenheim Museum as the breathtaking backdrop, a record-breaking season, which has seen the highest diving complexity to date, will reach fever pitch in the final showdown. Which athletes will complete the 6 automatic qualification places behind the 5-time champion? Who'll shine at the last stop? All questions will be answered in Spain this Saturday.

Jonathan Paredes, who is battling for 2nd place overall with Orlando Duque, was in great spirits during Thursday's training session: "It's crazy! At the beginning of the season I was in last position, fighting with myself. Now, in the final I'm fighting for 2nd overall, and it means a lot for me."

Artem Silchenko, unfortunately, was not displaying the same excitement as the Mexican style-master. The Russian is in Bilbao but will not be competing, having torn a muscle in the previous stop. Artem said: "I will be watching but I will not be diving this week. I'd like to thank the guys for inviting me, I'm very happy to be here. The doctor says maybe 1½ months and I'll be good, but it's a danger if I dive here because it could end my next season or even my diving career. That's why I decided not to dive, and to be ready for next year."

As for the enthusiastic spectators who will be lining the Nervión River, a day of diving drama awaits. For those who can't make it to the 50th stop jubilee, the 2015 final showdown will be broadcasted live on Red Bull TV on Saturday, September 26 at 3.30pm CEST!