It's not always the height...

Orlando Duque at the Blue Cave in Croatia
Date: 16/11/2015

"Sometimes it's not the height. It's the place of immaculate beauty and the belief that life is magical." And that was exactly what Orlando had in mind when he began his search for the untouched beauty, and the fascinating works of nature hidden around one of Croatia's most beautiful islands – the island of Vis.

The Blue Cave is one of those places that inspire the unimaginable within you, that point it out to you how nature is just this perfectly plotted work of art. Just as the human body is. And if you unite these natures and let them do their work, you can just stand amazed at what they can deliver.

The protected geomorphological monument of nature, Blue Cave, is a very well kept Croatian secret. A cave that was discovered only 130 years ago doesn't allow you to swim or jump inside. And if you're ever even close to seeing the color of that sea, you'll realize how hard it is to stay away from it. Being granted a special permission, Orlando set out on a mission to climb the steep rocks and find a couple of centimetres he could jump from.

And as he says himself: "It's not what you do, but how you feel doing it. It's about the inspiring moments that make you feel alive."


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