Athlete info

Eleanor Smart
Date of Birth:
United States
Resides in:
Minneapolis, MN

Eleanor Smart earned the very golden ticket to join the permanent list in the 2019 season with a third place at the FINA world cup.

After a bumpy start into this debut year, the 24-year-old jumped on the podium in Mostar last August for the very first time. "Two days earlier I was in the hospital with a really bad migraine and did not even think that I'd be able to get up and compete. It's one of my proudest moments ever."

An ambitious personality with high goals, 'Ellie' would want to be Oprah Winfrey for a day: "She's such an amazing woman and philanthropist. I love all the work she is doing around the globe and hope that one day I can make such an impact! It would be awesome to be in her shoes for a day!"

With her 'Clean Cliffs Project', whose mission it is to prevent plastic pollution and inspire others to take action, she's set a first step towards making a point as well as a difference. "Wherever we go we see humankind's footprint. I want my children and my grandchildren to experience the world in a very beautiful way, and so I hope that by cleaning and creating an awareness I've been helping that my kids will get to experience these beautiful places that I have."

Career Highlights

• 2019 - 2nd Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in Bosnia and Herzegovina
• 2018 - 3rd FINA High Diving World Cup

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series ranking

2019 - 5th overall
2018 - 13th overall (wildcard)
2017 - 9th overall (wildcard)