Athlete info

Helena Merten
Date of Birth:
Resides in:
Gold Coast

The acrobat set her first mark at the FINA High Diving World Cup in February 2016 and grabbed the last spot for the World Series to become the youngest ever athlete in the permanent divers' line-up. Helena Merten lived up to the expectations: a podium at the season opener in Texas (3rd) and another one to round off the year in a challenging floodlit night event in the Dubai Marina (2nd).

In 2017, the 23-year-old continued to be the youngest athlete in the field and worked her way up in the overall podium to place 3, right behind her fellow Aussie Rhiannan Iffland. Merten finished four out of six stops in the top 3. 

Be it wind or waves, a tight battle or a new dive, the classy diver unhesitatingly does an immaculate handstand 21m above the water showing no nerves.

Coming from Gold Coast Helena's preferred time of the day is unsurprisingly time spent on a surfboard with friends. Her latest addition to a long list of activity-focused hobbies is playing or learning, Helena herself would say, ukulele, something she has started together with Rhiannan Iffland.

Due to contractual obligations, Helena will not be competing at any events in 2018.

Career Highlights

• Youngest ever permanent athlete in the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series
• 2017 - 2nd Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in Azores (POR) & Mostar (BIH)
• 2016 - 2nd FINA High Diving World Cup
• Competed, placed and won at a national level in acrobatic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, diving and tumbling