Dublin Format Changes Due to Cold Water

Gary Hunt
Date: 11/05/2019

As the water temperature at the competition site at Dún Laoghaire Harbour is below 12 degrees - the minimum temperature according to the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series rulebook - all optional/hard dives cannot be performed by the divers due to an increased risk of injury.

Despite this, the athletes of the World Series still want to display their skills and crown the winners of the Irish Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series stop for the fans and spectators.

The divers are free to choose the difficulty of the dives they are comfortable to perform in these conditions. Because of this necessary format change the results of this competition will not count towards the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series overall standings.

Watch Live from Dublin

This event will be LIVE on May 12 at 7.00 PM local time (6.00 PM GMT) on www.redbullcliffdiving.com, Red Bull TV, Facebook & Youtube.

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If you miss the event or simply want to watch all the action again, the replay will be available on demand a few minutes after the event.